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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-1992Gain calibration of CCD systems at VBOPrabhu, T. P; Mayya, Y. D; Anupama, G. C
Jan-1997Galactic Age Estimates from O-rich Stardust in MeteoritesNittler, L. R; Cowsik, R
Sep-2004The Galactic centre regionRoy, Subhashis
Aug-2012The galactic R coronae borealis stars and the final he-shell flash object V4334Sgr (Sakurai’s object): a comparisonHema, B. P; Pandey, G; Lambert, D. L
10-Mar-2012The Galactic R Coronae Borealis Stars: The C2 Swan Bands, the Carbon Problem, and the 12C/13C RatioHema, B. P; Pandey, G; Lambert, D. L
2005Galactic Star Forming Regions and Young Stellar ObjectsMaheswar, G
Dec-2004Galactic supernova remnants: an updated catalogue and some statisticsGreen, D. A
Mar-2010The galactic thick disk: an observational perspectiveReddy, B. E
1916The galaxy as the fundamental plane of the solar star-clusterRidsdale, A. C
Jun-1995Galaxy dynamics with small computers: Some results on tidal interactions.Kochhar, R. K; Namboodiri, P. M. S
1992Galaxy formationPadmanabhan, T; Subramanian, K
1995Galaxy interactions, and the starburst galaxies - AGN connection.Jog, C. J
Mar-1986Galaxy mergers and globular clustersvan den Bergh, S
10-Feb-2016Galaxy outflows without supernovaeSur, Sharanya; Scannapieco, E; Ostriker, E. C
Aug-2014Galex diffuse observations of the sky: the dataMurthy, J
10-Nov-2010GALEX Observations of Diffuse Ultraviolet Emission from DracoSujatha, N. V; Murthy, J; Suresh, R; Henr, R. C; Bianchi, L
Feb-2009GALEX observations of diffuse UV radiation at high spatial resolution from the Sandage NebulositySujatha, N. V; Murthy, J; Karnataki, A; Henry, R. C; Bianchi, L
2002Gamma astronomy from space and from groundFleury, P
1993Gamma ray analysis in planetary mappingYadav, J. S; Arnold, J. R
2002Gamma ray and hadron generated Cverenkov photon spectra at various observation altitudesRahman, M. A; Bhat, P. N; Acharya, B. S; Chitnis, V. R; Majumdar, P; Vishwanath, P. R