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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2009C. Ragoonatha Charry and variable star astronomyKameswara Rao, N; Vagiswari, A; Thakur, P; Birdie, C
Dec-2014C1XS results-First measurement of enhanced sodium on the lunar surfaceAthiray, P. S; Narendranath, S; Sreekumar, P; Grande, M
Sep-1984CA II K bright points and the solar cycleSivaraman, K. R
1986Ca II K Emission from the Solar ChromosphereSivaraman, K. R
Jun-1984Ca II K Emission in CanopusBappu, M. K. V; Mekkaden, M. V; Kameswara Rao, N
Jan-1996CA II K Line Profile of the Truly Quiet SunSivaraman, K. R; Gupta, S. S; Kariyappa, R
Oct-1982CA II K2V spectral features and their relation to small-scale photospheric magnetic fieldsSivaraman, K. R; Livingston, W. C
Aug-1997The CA II triplet lines as diagnostics of luminosity, metallicity and chromospheric activity in cool starsMallik, S. G. V
Feb-1994The CA II triplet lines in cool starsMallik, S. G. V
Dec-2000CaII Κ Imaging to Understand UV Irradiance VariabilityKariyappa, R
Feb-1919Calcium clouds in the milky wayEvershed, John
Aug-1962Calcium faculae and solar flare effectsBappu, M. K. V; Punetha, L. M
Dec-1967Calcium flocculi as an index of solar activityKuriyan, P. P
1990Calcium K-line profiles as a function of latitude and solar cycle phaseSingh, J
May-2002The calcium K-line profiles as function of latitude and solar cycle phaseSingh, J
Jul-2008Calculation of the electron-nucleus scalar-pseudoscalar interaction constant WS for YbF and BaF molecules: A perturbative approachNayak, M. K; Chaudhuri, R. K
24-May-2011Calendar set in stoneMeera Iyer
1998The calendric astronomy of the vedasSidharth, B. G
15-Jun-2014Calibration of a Sky radiometer (Prede) using observations obtained from Hanle and Merak high-altitude stations in LadakhShantikumar, N. S; Bagare, S. P; Rajendra, B. S; Campanelli, M; Khatri, P; Dorjey, N
Jun-2019Calibration of spectral channels for VELC onboard ADITYA-L1 and preparing data pipelineVishnu Madhu