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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-1907The weakened and obliterated lines in the Sun-spot spectrumNagaraja, G
Jul-2005The WEBT campaign to observe AO 0235+16 in the 2003-2004 observing season. Results from radio-to-optical monitoring and XMM-Newton observationsRaiteri, C. M; Villata, M; Ibrahimov, M. A; Larionov, V. M; Kadler, M; Aller, H. D; Aller, M. F; Kovalev, Y. Y; Lanteri, L; Nilsson, K; Papadakis, I. E; Pursimo, T; Romero, G. E; Teräsranta, H; Tornikoski, M; Arkharov, A. A; Barnaby, D; Berdyugin, A; Böttcher, M; Byckling, K; Carini, M. T; Carosati, D; Cellone, S. A; Ciprini, S; Combi, J. A; Crapanzano, S; Crowe, R; di Paola, A; Dolci, M; Fuhrmann, L; Gu, M; Hagen-Thorn, V. A; Hakala, P; Impellizzeri, V; Jorstad, S; Kerp, J; Kimeridze, G. N; Kovalev, Yu. A; Kraus, A; Krichbaum, T. P; Kurtanidze, O. M; Lähteenmäki, A; Lindfors, E; Mingaliev, M. G; Nesci, R; Nikolashvili, M. G; Ohlert, J; Orio, M; Ostorero, L; Pasanen, M; Pati, A. K; Poteet, C; Ros, E; Ros, J. A; Shastri, P; Sigua, L. A; Sillanpää, A; Smith, N; Takalo, L. O; Tosti, G.; Vasileva, A; Wagner, S. J; Walters, R; Webb, J. R; Wills, W; Witzel, A; Xilouris, E
Apr-1975Westward ionospheric currents over the dip equator during geomagnetic disturbancesRastogi, R. G
1916What can be the real nature of gravitational forceRidsdale, A. C
Dec-2009What Can We Learn on the Structure and the Dynamics of the Solar Core with g Modes?Mathur, S; Eff-Darwich, A; García, R. A; Jimenez-Reyes, S. J; Korzennik, S. G; Turck-Chieze, S
Mar-1985What do we know about neutron stars?Kundt, W
1993What is a quiet sun CaII K line profile?Sivaraman, K. R; Gupta, S. S; Kariyappa, R
Jun-2008What is Special About the Planck Mass?Sivaram, C
1916What is the physical condition of sun's interiorRidsdale, A. C
6-Jan-2009What the Stars tell...Sivaram, C
17-Jan-1982What's happening in the sky?The Times of India
1997What's New With Hale Bopp?Shylaja, B. S
25-Sep-1998What's old and what's new about neutrinosCowsik, R
May-2003When does the polar activity cycle start?Makarov, V. I; Tlatov, A. G; Sivaraman, K. R
20-Oct-2005When less is more: Are radio galaxies below the Fanaroff-Riley break more polarized on parsec scales?Kharb, P; Shastri, P; Gabuzda, D. C
2-Dec-2008When moon, Jupiter & Venus smiledDeccan Herald
Aug-2002When The Sun Goes OutBappu, M. K. V
21-Jul-2009When the sunlit sky goes dark...Sivaram, C; Arun, K
15-Sep-1986Where to get data on HalleyNewspaper Clippings
1999White dwarfs in the 1990'sTrimble, V