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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Jul-1907Widened lines in sunspot spectraEvershed, John
May-1922Widened lines in the spectrum of SiriusEvershed, John
2016The WiFeS S7 AGN survey: Current status and recent results on NGC 6300Scharwachter, J; Dopita, M. A; Shastri, P; Davies, R; Kewley, L; Hampton, E; Sutherland, R; Kharb, P; Jose, J; Bhatt, H. C; Ramya, S; Jin, C; Banfield, J; Zaw, I; Juneau, S; James, B; Srivastava, S
14-Dec-2010Will Avatar’s Pandora be a reality?Sivaram, C
10-Aug-1999Will weaponization make us secure?Chatterjee, S; Vyasulu, V
2006William Petrie (1748 - 1816)Indian Institute of Astrophysics
1985The Wilson-Bappu effect for Mg II k-line emission widthsParthasarathy, M
2002Wind induced instabilities in accretion flow around black holesAcharya, K; Chakrabarti, S. K; Molteni, D
2011Wind speed measurement from Shack Hartmann Wavefront Sensor data: An experimental review of cross-correlation peak detectionRoopashree, M. B; Vyas, A; Prasad, B. R
19-May-1985A window to the sky: Dr. J.C. Bhattacharyya, Director of the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, speaks to Pravin KumarThe Indian Express
2000Window-threshold technique for detecting pulse componentsGangadhara, R. T
Jun-1976Winter School on High Energy AstrophysicsNarlikar, J. V; Chitre, S. M
Dec-2010The WIRCAM Deep Infrared Cluster Survey I. Groups and clusters at z  ≳  1.1Bielby, R. M; Finoguenov, A; Tanaka, M; McCracken, H. J; Daddi, E; Hudelot, P; Ilbert, O; Kneib, J. P; Le Fèvr, O; Mellier, Y; Nandra, K; Petitjean, P; Srianand, R; Stalin, C. S; Willott, C. J
Feb-2019WISE view of narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies: mid-infrared colour and variabilityRakshit, S; Johnson, A; Stalin, C. S; Gandhi, Poshak; Hoenig, Sebastian
12-Nov-2009With an eye on the sky: IIA will be working with ISRO in developing ASTROSATThe Hindu
2006WKB Analysis of Axisymmetric Magneto-Rotational Instability in a Thin Accretion DiskFurukawa, M; Krishan, V; Hirota, M; Yoshida, Z
1973Wolf-Rayet and high-temperature starsBappu, M. K. V (editor); Sahade, J (editor)
Oct-1967The Wolf-Rayet binary HD 68273Ganesh, K. S; Bappu, M. K. V
Oct-1967The Wolf-Rayet eclipsing binary HD 193576Ganesh, K. S; Bappu, M. K. V; Natarajan, V
2001Wolf-Rayet galaxies and their CCD photometrySanwal, B. B