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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-1994The chemical composition of the RV Tauri variable IW CarinaeGiridhar, S; Kameswara Rao, N; Lambert, D. L
Aug-1988Consequences of a chromospheric temperature rise on the formation of the H-alpha line in late-type supergiantsMallik, S. G. V; Mallik, D. C. V
Apr-1994Dust and ionized gas in NGC 3607Singh, K. P; Prabhu, T. P; Kembhavi, A. K; Bhat, P. N
Oct-1994Embedded clusters in giant extragalactic H II regions, 1: BVRH-alpha photometryMayya, Y. D
Sep-1990Expanding shell and P Cygni profiles of 27 Canis MajorisGhosh, K. K
May-1989Flare-like activity in Be stars HR 7403 and .8762Ghosh, K. K
1988Further spectroscopic observations of SN 1987AAnupama, G. C; Prabhu, T. P; Ghosh, K. K; Ashoka, B. N; Giridhar, S
Jan-1994H-alpha flare of 14 March, 1984 -- Evidence for reconnection?Sundararaman, K; Aleem, S. M; Singh, J; Selvendran, R; Thiagarajan, R
Feb-1984The H-alpha line profile in early type-binary systems HD 47129 and Gamma VelorumRajamohan, R
Jun-1988High-resolution studies of forbidden O I and NH2 line emissions at 6300 A in Halley's cometPrasad, C. D; Chandrasekhar, T; Desai, J. N; Ashok, N. M; Sivaraman, K. R; Rajmohan, R
Dec-1982Morphology of H-alpha filaments and filament channel systemsMakarov, V. I; Stoianova, M. N; Sivaraman, K. R
Nov-1988Morphology of the bipolar planetary nebula NGC 2346 from emission line profile studiesAnandarao, B. G; Banerjee, D. P. K; Desai, J. N; Jain, S. K; Mallik, D. C. V
Sep-1989Observation of an H-alpha outburst in the Be star HR 4123Ghosh, K. K; Apparao, K. M. V; Tarafdar, S. P
Jun-1985Observations of hydrogen deficient binary Upsilon SagittariiKameswara Rao, N; Venugopal, V. R
May-1995On the eruption of prominences and disappearance of quiescent filamentsSingh, J; Gupta, S. S
Dec-1991Photometric calibration of the CCD camera of 1-m telescope at VBOMayya, Y. D
Jun-1983Poleward migration of the magnetic neutral line and the reversal of the polar fields on the sun. II - Period 1904-1940Makarov, V. I; Sivaraman, K. R
May-1990Rapid continuum level variability in Be stars earlier than B2Ghosh, K. K
Jun-1988Rapid H-alpha variability in Phi PerseiGhosh, K. K; Sanjeevkumar, T; Jaykumar, K; Kuppuswamy, K; Rosario, M. J
Feb-1988Rapid simultaneous observations of Fe II and Balmer emission lines of X OPHGhosh, K. K; Jayakumar, K