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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-1848Occultations observed at PoonaJacob, W. S
Jun-1848Annular eclipse of Oct. 8-9, 1847Jacob, W. S
Apr-1849Extract of a letter from W.S.Jacob, Esq. inclosing two sheets of diagrams of solar spots observed at Poona, in December 1848, and January and February 1849Jacob, W. S
Jun-1850On the Limits of error in the elements of the Orbit of α Centauri, and on the orbits of p Eridani and 6I CygniJacob, W. S
Apr-1852Extract of a letter from Capt. W. S. Jacob of the Madras ObservatoryJacob, W. S
Jun-1853On the parallax of α HerculisJacob, W. S
Jun-1853Remarks on Saturn as seen with the Madras equatoreal (by Lerebours and Secretan; focus, 89 in., aperture, 6.2 in.)Jacob, W. S
1854Astronomical observations made at The Honorable The East India Company's observatory at Madras for the years 1848-1852, Vol.8Worster, W. K; Jacob, W. S
Jun-1854Double stars observed at Madras with the Lerebours equatorealJacob, W. S
Apr-1855Remarks on the Orbits of α Centauri and σ Coronae BorealisJacob, W. S
Jun-1855On certain anomalies presented by the binary star 70 OphiuchiJacob, W. S
Jun-1855On the computation of double star orbitsJacob, W. S
Mar-1856Note on the rings of Saturn and on the orbit of α CentauriJacob, W. S
Mar-1856Note on the orbit of α centauri and on the rings of SaturnJacob, W. S
Nov-1856On the projection of stars on the disk of the MoonJacob, W. S
Nov-1856Observation of α CentauriJacob, W. S
Jan-1857Occultation of the Pleiades by the Moon, on Nov. 12, 1856, as observed at MadrasJacob, W. S
Apr-1857From letters of Captain Jacob to Mr.GrantJacob, W. S
Jul-1857Observations in the Saturnian systemJacob, W. S
Nov-1857Abstract of results of measurements of Saturn's Satellites made at the Madras Observatory in 1856-7, with the Lerebours Equatoreal. Ap. 6.3 in., foc. 88.6 in., power usually employed 174Jacob, W. S