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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990Antiproton production in cosmic rays: A comparison of photino and quark modelsSivaram, C; Krishnan, V; de Sabbata, V; Yellappa, Y
Oct-1992Anyons and torsionde Sabbata, V; Sivaram, C
1994A Born-Infeld Type of Modification of General Relativity with Maximal Curvaturede Sabbata, V; Sivaram, C; Wang, D. X
Dec-1992Curvature from spinde Sabbata, V; Sivaram, C
1990Emission from the sub-millisecond pulsar in SN 1987ASivaram, C; de Sabbata, V
Jan-1990Fifth force as a manifestation of torsionde Sabbata, V; Sivaram, C
1990The final state of an evaporating black hole and the dimensionality of the space-timede Sabbata, V; Sivaram, C
1990A Finite Classical Model of the Electron with Torsion and Strong Gravityde Sabbata, V; Sivaram, C
Aug-1991Gravimagnetic field, torsion, and gravitational shieldingde Sabbata, V; Sivaram, C
Oct-1994Gravity and CP violationde Sabbata, V; Sivaram, C
1990High energy gamma ray and neutrino production of technetium in supernovae and red giantsSivaram, C; de Sabbata, V; Yellappa, Y
1990Inflation with Massive Spin-2 Field in Curved Space-TimeSivaram, C; de Sabbata, V
1988Magnetic fields in the early universede Sabbata, V; Sivaram, C
1990A mechanism for injection of ultrahigh energy extragalactic cosmic raysde Sabbata, V; Sivaram, C
Apr-1992A minimal time and time-temperature uncertainty principlede Sabbata, V; Sivaram, C
Aug-1989The need for an energy-dependent torsion-coupling constant in the early universede Sabbata, V; Sivaram, C
May-1990The neutrino magnetic moment in the early universede Sabbata, V; Sivaram, C
1990Neutrino magnetic moment induced by torsion and consequences for supernova neutrinosde Sabbata, V; Sivaram, C
Apr-1996On the quantization of general relativity in anholonomic variablesBorzeszkowski, H. H. V; de Sabbata, V; Sivaram, C; Treder, H. J
Oct-1990Particle magnetic moments in Kaluza-Klein strong gravityde Sabbata, V; Sivaram, C