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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2016Comparison of Magnetic Properties in a Magnetic Cloud and Its Solar Source on 2013 April 11-14Vemareddy, P; Mostl, C; Amerstorfer, T; Mishra, W; Farrugia, C; Leitner, M
10-Dec-2017Contribution of Field Strength Gradients to the Net Vertical Current of Active RegionsVemareddy, P
Jul-2019Degree of electric current neutralization and the activity in solar active regionsVemareddy, P
Apr-2019Degree of electric current neutralization and the activity in solar active regionsVemareddy, P
1-Jul-2015Dynamics of on-disk plumes as observed with the interface region imaging spectrograph, the atmospheric imaging assembly, and the helioseismic and magnetic imagerPant, V; Dolla, L; Mazumder, R; Banerjee, D; Krishna Prasad, S; Vemareddy, P
1-Feb-2020Effect of lower stratospheric temperature on total ozone column (TOC) during the ozone depletion and recovery phasesShantikumar, N. S; Vemareddy, P; Song, H. -J
1-Nov-2019Finding the critical decay Index in solar prominence eruptionsVasantharaju, N; Vemareddy, P; Ravindra, B; Doddamani, V. H
Sep-2015Flux emergence in the solar active region NOAA 11158: the evolution of net currentVemareddy, P; Venkatakrishnan, P; Karthikreddy, S
1-Apr-2019Formation and eruption of sigmoidal satructure from a weak field region of NOAA 11942Vasantharaju, N; Vemareddy, P; Ravindra, B; Doddamani, V. H
20-Nov-2015A full study on the Sun–Earth connection of an earth-directed CME magnetic flux ropeVemareddy, P; Mishra, W
20-Jun-2015Investigation of helicity and energy flux transport in three emerging solar active regionsVemareddy, P
Dec-2018The magnetic field geometry of small solar wind flux ropes inferred from their twist distributionYu, W; Farrugia, C. J; Lugaz, N; Galvin, A. B; Mostl, C; Paulson, K; Vemareddy, P
10-Dec-2018Magnetohydrodynamic simulation of the X9.3 flare on 2017 September 6: evolving magnetic topologyJiang, C; Zou, P; Feng, X; Hu, Qiang; Liu, Rui; Vemareddy, P; Duan, Aiying; Zuo, P; Wang, Yi; Wei, Fengsi
20-Nov-2017Prominence Eruption Initiated by Helical Kink Instability of an Embedded Flux RopeVemareddy, P; Gopalswamy, N; Ravindra, B
Oct-2018The recent signs of total column ozone recovery over mid-latitudes: the effects of the montreal protocol mandateShantikumar, N. S; Vemareddy, P; Song, H.-J
10-Jun-2018Statistical Study of Magnetic Nonpotential Measures in Confined and Eruptive FlaresVasantharaju, N; Vemareddy, P; Ravindra, B; Doddamani, V. H
20-Apr-2018Study of Three-dimensional Magnetic Structure and the Successive Eruptive Nature of Active Region 12371Vemareddy, P; Demoulin, P
20-Aug-2017Successive Homologous Coronal Mass Ejections Driven by Shearing and Converging Motions in Solar Active Region NOAA 12371Vemareddy, P
Jan-2017Successive injection of opposite magnetic helicity in solar active region NOAA 11928Vemareddy, P; Demoulin, P
20-Sep-2016Sunspot Rotation as a Driver of Major Solar Eruptions in the NOAA Active Region 12158Vemareddy, P; Cheng, X; Ravindra, B