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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2011Active galactic nucleus activity and black hole masses in low surface brightness galaxiesRamya, S; Prabhu, T. P; Mousumi Das
Jul-2007The AGN and gas disk in the low surface brightness galaxy PGC045080Das, M; Kantharia, N; Ramya, S; Prabhu, T. P; McGaugh, S. S; Vogel, S. N
Oct-2013Bulge-Disk Evolution in Interacting Bulgeless GalaxiesMousumi Das; Ramya, S; Sengupta, C; Mishra, K
Nov-2010A Comprehensive Study of Star Formation in Blue Compact Dwarf GalaxiesRamya, S
Oct-2007GMRT Observations of the 2006 outburst of the Nova RS Ophiuchi: First detection of emission at radio frequencies < 1.4 GHzKantharia, N. G; Anupama, G. C; Prabhu, T. P; Ramya, S; Bode, M. F; Eyres, S. P. S; O'Brien, T. J
2005GRB 050502b, Optical observationsBhatt, B. C; Ramya, S; Anupama, G. C
Jun-2006NGC 7419: a young open cluster with a number of very young intermediate mass pre-MS starsSubramaniam, A; Mathew, B; Bhatt, B. C; Ramya, S
1-Mar-2015Probing the physics of narrow-line regions in active galaxies. III. accretion and cocoon shocks in the liner NGC 1052Dopita, M. A; Ho, I-Ting; Dressel, L. L; Sutherland, R; Kewley, L; Davies, R; Hampton, E; Shastri, P; Kharb, P; Jose, Jessy; Bhatt, H. C; Ramya, S; Scharw├Ąchter, J; Jin, C; Banfield, J; Zaw, I; James, B; Juneau, S; Srivastava, S
Feb-2011Radio Continuum and H I Study of Blue Compact Dwarf GalaxiesRamya, S; Kantharia, N. G; Prabhu, T. P
Sep-2009A radio continuum and H I study of optically selected blue compact dwarf galaxies: Mrk 1039 and Mrk 0104Ramya, S; Kantharia, N. G; Prabhu, T. P
Feb-2015S7 : Probing the physics of seyfert galaxies through their ENLR & HII regionsDopita, M. A; Shastri, P; Scharwachter, J; Kewley, L. J; Davies, R; Sutherland, R; Kharb, P; Jose, Jessy; Bhatt, H. C; Ramya, S; Hamptona, E; Jina, C; Banfielda, J; Zawa, I; Srivastavaa, Shweta; Jamesa, B
2012Star formation in blue compact dwarf GalaxiesRamya, S; Prabhu, T. P; Sahu, D. K
Jun-2009Star formation in blue compact dwarf galaxies: Mkn 104 and I Zw 97Ramya, S; Sahu, D. K; Prabhu, T. P
2012Star formation in bulgeless late type spiral GalaxiesDas, M; Ramya, S; Sengupta, C; Mishra, K
Jul-2012Star formation in bulgeless late-type galaxies: clues to their evolutionMousumi Das; Sengupta, C; Ramya, S; Misra, K
Oct-2007Study of star formation in NGC 1084Ramya, S; Sahu, D. K; Prabhu, T. P