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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2013Betti Numbers of Gaussian fieldsPark, C; Pranav, P; Pravabati, C; Weygaert, R; Jones, B; Vegter, G; Kim, I; Hidding, J; Hellwing, W. A
Apr-2015Constraint on noncommutative spacetime from PLANCK dataJoby, P. K; Pravabati, C; Das, Subinoy
Mar-2012Ghost Interference and Quantum ErasurePravabati, C; Qureshi, T
20-Aug-2012Hot and cold spot counts as probes of non-gaussianity in the cosmic microwave backgroundPravabati, C; Park, C; Yogendran, K. P; van de Weygaert, R
20-Aug-2018Minkowski tensors in three dimensions: probing the anisotropy generated by redshift space distortionAppleby, S; Pravabati, C; Park, C; Yogendran, K. P; Joby, P. K
Jan-2011New features in the curvaton modelPravabati, C; Huang, Q. G
Oct-2018A novel probe of ionized bubble shape and size statistics of the epoch of reionization using the contour Minkowski tensorAkanksha, K; Pravabati, C; Appleby, S; Park, C
Aug-2017On Minkowski Functionals of CMB polarizationPravabati, C; Vidhya, G; Yogendran, K. P; Park, C
Feb-2015Primordial non-Gaussian signatures in CMB polarizationVidhya, G; Pravabati, C; Yogendran, K. P; Park, C
Nov-2011Reheating in tachyonic inflationary models: Effects on the large scale curvature perturbationsJain, R. K; Pravabati, C; Sriramkumar, L
2014Residual foreground contamination in the WMAP dataPravabati, C; Park, C
Feb-2013Residual foreground contamination in the WMAP data and bias in non-Gaussianity estimationPravabati, C; Park, C
Jan-2019Search for anomalous alignments of structures in Planck data using Minkowski TensorsJoby, P. K; Pravabati, C; Ghosh, T; Vidhya Ganesan; Ravikumar, C. D
Dec-2017Tensor Minkowski Functionals for random fields on the spherePravabati, C; Yogendran, K. P; Joby, P. K; Vidhya, G; Appleby, S; Park, C
Jun-2017Tensor Minkowski Functionals: first application to the CMBVidhya, G; Pravabati, C
Sep-2016Understanding ghost interferenceQureshi, T; Pravabati, C; Shafaq, S