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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2016The InfraRed Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) for TMT: latest science cases and simulationsWright, S. A; Walth, G; Do, T; Marshall, D; Larkin, J. E; Moore, A. M; Adamkovics, M; Andersen, D; Armus, L; Barth, A; Cote, Patrick; Cooke, J; Chisholm, E. M; Davidge, T; Dunn, J. S; Dumas, C; Ellerbroek, B. L; Ghez, A. M; Hao, J; Hayano, Y; Liu, M; Lopez-Rodriguez, E; Lu, J. R; Mao, S; Marois, C; Pandey, S. B; Phillip, A. C; Schoeck, M; Subramaniam, A; Subramanian, S; Suzuki, R; Tan, J. C; Terai, T; Treu, T; Simard, L; Weiss, J. L; Wincensten, J; Wong, M; Zhang, K
Sep-2012Very low mass stellar and substellar companions to solar-like stars from MARVELS. II. A short-period companion orbiting an F star with evidence of a stellar tertiary and significant mutual inclinationFleming, S. W; Jian, G; Rory, B; Thomas, G. T; Justin, R. C; Nathan, D. L; Massimiliano, E; Bruno, F; Leticia, F; Bruce, G; Scott, G. B; Luan, G; Jonay, I. G. H; Leslie, H; Peng, J; Brian, L; Ben, N; Gustavo, F. P. M; Benjamin, J. S; Keivan, S; Todd, A. T; Benjamin, M. T; John, P. W; Michael, W. V. W; Eric, A; Carlos, A. P; Dmitry, B; Howard, B; Phillip, A. C; Coban, L; Korena, S. C; Luis, N. C; Melanie, L. G; Nelson, H; Stephen, R. K; Gary, R. L; Jian, L; Bo, M; Suvrath, M; Marcio, A. G. M; Elena, M; Viktor, M; Demitri, M; Duy Cuong, N; Daniel, O; Martin, P; Kaike, P; Joshua, P; Rafael, R; Eric, J. R; Basilio, X. S; Donald, P. S; Alaina, S; Audrey, S; Sivarani, T; Stephanie, S; Chelsea, L. M. V; Xiaoke, W; Ji, W; Benjamin, A. W; Gwendolyn, M. W; Bo, Z