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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1987Aberration and advection effects in a plane-parallel medium in motionPeraiah, A
Apr-1991Aberration and advection effects in expanding spherically symmetric shellsPeraiah, A
1990Abhyankar - the ScientistPeraiah, A
Sep-1980Comoving Frame Calculations of Spectral Lines formed in Rapidly Expanding Media with the Partial Frequency Redistribution Function for Zero Natural Line WidthPeraiah, A
Nov-1979Comoving frame calculations with Lorentz profiles in radially expanding mediaPeraiah, A; Raghunath, G
1993Compton Broadening Due To Electron ScatteringPeraiah, A; Srinivasa Rao, M
Sep-1983Density dependence of the line source functions in scattering mediaPeraiah, A
1984Discrete space theory of radiative transferPeraiah, A
May-1986Discretization of the equation of Radiative Transfer with Compton ScatteringPeraiah, A
Aug-1990Effect of the time spent by the photon in the absorbed state on the time-dependent transfer of radiationMohan Rao, D; Rangarajan, K. E; Peraiah, A
Mar-1989Effects of Aberration and Advection in a Partially Scattering MediumPeraiah, A; Srinivasa Rao, M
Sep-1989The effects of aberration and advection in plane-parallel and absorbing mediaPeraiah, A
Oct-1991Effects of aberration and advection on line formationPeraiah, A
1991Effects of Aberration and Advection on Line Transfer in Plane Parallel GeometryPeraiah, A; Varghese, B. A
1989Effects of aberration and advection on partial frequency redistribution of photon in spectral line formationPeraiah, A
Mar-1990Effects of dust on equivalent widths of spectral lines formed in expanding spherically symmetric shellsPeraiah, A; Ingalgi, M. F
Jun-1987Effects of dust on the formation of lines in an expanding spherical mediumPeraiah, A; Varghese, B. A; Srinivasa Rao, M
1980Effects of high radial velocities on line transfer in extended atmospheresPeraiah, A
1980Effects of High Velocities on Photoionization LinesPeraiah, A; Raghunath, G
Jun-1991The effects of non-coherent electron scattering on spectral line formationRangarajan, K. E; Mohan Rao, D; Peraiah, A