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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2017Association of Plages with Sunspots: A Multi-Wavelength Study Using Kodaikanal Ca ii K and Greenwich Sunspot Area DataMandal, Sudip; Chatterjee, Subhamoy; Banerjee, D
1-Aug-2017Association of Supergranule Mean Scales with Solar Cycle Strengths and Total Solar IrradianceMandal, Sudip; Chatterjee, Subhamoy; Banerjee, D
20-Mar-2016Forward modeling of propagating slow waves in coronal loops and their frequency-dependent dampingMandal, Sudip; Magyar, N; Yuan, D; Van Doorsselaere, T; Banerjee, D
10-Dec-2017Latitude Distribution of Sunspots: Analysis Using Sunspot Data and a Dynamo ModelMandal, Sudip; Karak, B. B; Banerjee, D
Nov-2015Propagating disturbances along fan-like coronal loops in an active regionMandal, Sudip; Samanta, T; Banerjee, D; Krishna Prasad, S; Teriaca, L
10-Sep-2016Reflection of Propagating Slow Magneto-acoustic Waves in Hot Coronal Loops: Multi-instrument Observations and Numerical ModelingMandal, Sudip; Yuan, Ding; Fang, Xia; Banerjee, D; Pant, V; Van Doorsselaere, Tom
20-Jan-2017Solar Active Longitudes from Kodaikanal White-Light Digitized DataMandal, Sudip; Chatterjee, Subhamoy; Banerjee, D
20-Oct-2016Sunspot Sizes and the Solar Cycle: Analysis Using Kodaikanal White-light Digitized DataMandal, Sudip; Banerjee, D
1-Jun-2017Variation of supergranule parameters with solar cycles: results from century-long Kodaikanal digitized Ca II K dataChatterjee, Subhamoy; Mandal, Sudip; Banerjee, D