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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2001Application of Non-linear Analysis to Intensity Oscillations of the Chromospheric Bright PointsBhattacharya, J; Pereda, E; Kariyappa, R; Kanjilal, P. P
2010Bright points in G-Band and Ca IIH images from hinodePradeep Chitta, L; Kariyappa, R
Nov-1985Broad Band Photometry of the Solar Corona of 1983, June 11Sivaraman, K. R; Singh, J; Kapoor, R. C; Kariyappa, R
Jan-1996CA II K Line Profile of the Truly Quiet SunSivaraman, K. R; Gupta, S. S; Kariyappa, R
Dec-2000CaII Κ Imaging to Understand UV Irradiance VariabilityKariyappa, R
Jul-1987Calibration on the Sun for stellar magnetic fieldsSivaraman, K. R; Bagare, S. P; Gupta, S. S; Kariyappa, R
2001Change of level population density with time in the solar quiet chromospheric atmosphereBarman, S. K; Kariyappa, R
Aug-2012Cooler and Hotter X-ray Bright Points from Hinode/XRT ObservationsKariyappa, R; DeLuca, E. E; Saar, S. H; Golub, L; Dame, L; Varghese, B. A
May-2012Coronal Rotation from XBPs Observed with Hinode/XRTKariyappa, R; DeLuca, E
Jun-1993A double-pass spectrograph for solar researchKariyappa, R; Jayarajan, A. P; Raheem, K. C. A; Sivaraman, K. R
2010Dynamical evolution of x-ray bright points with hinode/XRTKariyappa, R; Varghese, B. A; DeLuca, E. E; van Ballegooijen, A. A
10-Jun-2012Dynamics of the Solar Magnetic Bright Points Derived from Their Horizontal MotionsPradeep Chitta, L; van Ballegooijen, A. A; Rouppe van der Voort, L; DeLuca, E. E; Kariyappa, R
Sep-2006The Extreme Solar Activity during October–November 2003Hiremath, K. M; Lovely, M. R; Kariyappa, R
May-1994Heating of the quiet solar chromosphere. 1: Role of the inner network bright pointsKariyappa, R; Sivaraman, K. R; Anandaram, M. N
Jul-2008Intensity oscillations and heating of the coronal X-ray bright points from Hinode/XRTKariyappa, R; Varghese, B. A
Sep-1994Intensity oscillations in chromospheric bright points and network elementsKariyappa, R
1986K-Line emission and the integrated surface magnetic field on the sunSivaraman, K. R; Kariyappa, R
2010Long-period intensity oscillations of the quiet solar atmosphere from TRACE 1600 Å continuum observationsKariyappa, R; Damé, L
1-Oct-2014Nonlinear Force-free Field Modeling of the Solar Magnetic Carpet and Comparison with SDO/HMI and Sunrise/IMaX ObservationsChitta, L. P; Kariyappa, R; van Ballegooijen, A. A; DeLuca, E. E; Solanki, S. K
Sep-2006Observational Searches for Chromospheric g-Mode Oscillationsfrom CaII H-Line ObservationsKariyappa, R; Dame, L; Hiremath, K. M