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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003`1.3-Year' and `153-day' Periodicities in the Sun's Surface RotationJavaraiah, J
Dec-200222-year periodicity in solar rotation, solar wind parameters and earth rotationKirov, B; Georgieva, K; Javaraiah, J
Dec-200022-year Periodicity in the Solar Differential RotationJavaraiah, J
20004-day periodic variation in the Sun's meridional flowJavaraiah, J
1999Comparison of perodicities of the sun's 'mean' and differential rotations determined from sunspot groups and from Mt. Wilson velocity data.Javaraiah, J
1998Comparison of rotation frequencies of sunspot groups with the radial gradient of sun's plasma rotation frequencyJavaraiah, J; Gokhale, M. H
Oct-2013A Comparison of Solar Cycle Variations in the Equatorial Rotation Rates of the Sun's Subsurface, Surface, Corona, and Sunspot GroupsJavaraiah, J
Oct-1999Dependence of the meridional motions of sunspot groups on life spans and age of the groups, and on the phase of the solar cycleJavaraiah, J
Oct-1998Depth dependence of the periodicities in solar differential rotationJavaraiah, J
Sep-2010Erratum to: Predicting the Amplitude of a Solar Cycle using the North – South Asymmetry in the Previous Cycle: II. An Improved Prediction for Solar Cycle 24Javaraiah, J
Nov-1997Estimation of the depths of initial anchoring and the rising-rates of sunspot magnetic structures from rotation frequencies of sunspot groupsJavaraiah, J; Gokhale, M. H
Jan-1995Global modes constituting the solar magnetic cycle. 3: `Shapes' and `sizes' of the sunspot cycles and maintenance of MHD spectrum by energy cascadeGokhale, M. H; Javaraiah, J
Mar-1992Global modes constituting the solar magnetic cycle. I - Search for 'dispersion relations'Gokhale, M. H; Javaraiah, J; Kutty, K. N; Varghese, B. A
Apr-1992Global modes constituting the solar magnetic cycle. II - Phases, 'geometrical eigenmodes', and coupling of field behaviour in different latitudesGokhale, M. H; Javaraiah, J
Dec-2012The G–O rule and Waldmeier effect in the variations of the numbers of large and small sunspot groupsJavaraiah, J
Aug-2015Hemispheric asymmetry of sunspot area in solar cycle 23 and rising phase of solar cycle 24: comparison of three data setsRavindra, B; Javaraiah, J
1990Interpretation of the 'third harmonic' of the solar magnetic cycleGokhale, M. H; Javaraiah, J
Jun-2005An Interpretation of the Differences in the Solar Differential Rotation during Even and Odd Sunspot CyclesJavaraiah, J; Bertello, L; Ulrich, R. K
1-Sep-2013Long-term temporal variations in the areas of sunspot groupsJavaraiah, J
2010Long-term variations in meridional flowsJavaraiah, J