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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2015Abnormal rotation rates of sunspots and durations of associated flaresSuryanarayana, G. S; Hiremath, K. M; Bagare, S. P; Hegde, M
Jan-2019Angular momentum of stars and their planetsGurumath, S. R; Hiremath, K. M; Ramasubramanian, V
May-2002Change of rotation rates of sunspot groups during their lifetimes: Clues to the sites of origin of different flux tubesHiremath, K. M
15-Jul-2014Coronal hole oscillations inferred from the SDO/AIA dataHegde, M; Hiremath, K. M; Doddamani, V. H
Mar-2016Development of a code to analyze the solar white-light images from the Kodaikanal observatory: detection of sunspots, computation of heliographic coordinates and areaRagadeepika, P; Hiremath, K. M; Gurumath, S. R
Dec-2000Emergence of Twisted Magnetic Flux Related Sigmoidal BrighteningSundararaman, K; Ramesh, K. B; Selvendran, R; Aleem, P. S. M; Hiremath, K. M
2010Evershed flow velocities during 100 yearsHiremath, K. M
Sep-2006The Extreme Solar Activity during October–November 2003Hiremath, K. M; Lovely, M. R; Kariyappa, R
Jul-2005Flares associated with abnormal rotation rates: Longitudinal minimum separation of leading and following sunspotsHiremath, K. M; Suryanarayana, G. S; Lovely, M. R
Dec-2003The flares associated with the abnormal rotation rates of the bipolar sunspots: Reconnection probably below the surfaceHiremath, K. M; Suryanarayana, G. S
Sep-2006The Flares Associated with the Dynamics of the SunspotsHiremath, K. M
2000Fossil magnetic fields of the sun and starsHiremath, K. M; Gokhale, M. H
Feb-2015Indian summer monsoon rainfall: dancing with the tunes of the SunHiremath, K. M; Hegde, M; Soon, Willie
2006Influence of solar activity on the rainfall over India ILWS Workshop 2006Hiremath, K. M
Sep-2006The Influence of Solar Activity on the Rainfall over India: Cycle-to-Cycle VariationsHiremath, K. M
Oct-2004Influence of the solar activity on the Indian Monsoon rainfallHiremath, K. M; Mandi, P. I
2000Internal rotation and toroidal part of the magnetic field of AB DoradusHiremath, K. M
2000Internal Rotation of AB DoradusHiremath, K. M
Jun-2017Latitude character and evolution of Gnevyshev gapPandey, K. K; Hiremath, K. M; Yellaiah, G
Apr-2015Latitudinal distribution of soft x ray flares and dispairty in butterfly diagramPandey, K. K; Yellaiah, G; Hiremath, K. M