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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2019GASP XVIII: star formation quenching due to AGN feedback in the central region of a jellyfish galaxyGeorge, K; Poggianti, B. M; Bellhouse, C; Radovich, M; Fritz, J; Paladino, R; Bettoni, R D; Jaff, Y; Moretti, A; Gullieuszik, M; Vulcani, B; Fasano, G; Stalin, C. S; Subramaniam, A; Tandon, S. N
20-Dec-2019GASP XXIII: a jellyfish galaxy as an astrophysical laboratory of the baryonic cyclePoggianti, B. M; Ignesti, Alessandro; Gitti, Myriam; Wolter, Anna; Brighenti, Fabrizio; Biviano, Andrea; George, K; Vulcani, B; Gullieuszik, M; Moretti, A; Paladino, R; Bettoni, D; Franchetto, Andrea; Jaffe, Y. L; Radovich, M; Roediger, Elke; Tomicic, Neven; Tonnesen, S; Bellhouse, C; Fritz, J; Omizzolo, Alessandro
May-2019GASP. XV. A MUSE view of extreme ram-pressure stripping along the line of sight: physical properties of the jellyfish galaxy JO201Bellhouse, C; Jaffe, Y. L; McGee, S. L; Poggianti, B. M; Smith, R; Tonnesen, S; Fritz, J; Hau, G. K .T; Gullieuszik, M; Vulcani, B; Fasano, G G; Moretti, A; George, K; Bettoni, D; Onofrio, M.D; Omizzolo, A; Sheen, Y.K
Sep-2018UVIT view of ram-pressure stripping in action: Star formation in the stripped gas of the GASP jellyfish galaxy JO201 in Abell 85George, K; Poggianti, B. M; Gullieuszik, M; Fasano, G G; Bellhouse, C; Postma, J; Moretti, A; Jaffe, Y; Vulcani, B; Bettoni, D; Fritz, J; Cote, P; Ghosh, S. K; Hutchings, J. B; Mohan, Rekhesh; Sreekumar, P; Stalin, C. S; Subramaniam, A; Tandon, S. N