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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-1916Anomalous dispersion in the sunEvershed, John
Jan-1916Anomalous dispersion in the SunEvershed, John
19-Jun-1921An apparent influence of the earth on solar prominencesEvershed, John; Chidambara Ayyar, P. R
Jun-1911The auto-collimating spectroheliograph of the Kodaikanal ObservatoryEvershed, John
Feb-1919Calcium clouds in the milky wayEvershed, John
1897The cause of the darkness of sun-spotsEvershed, John
Jan-1899Cause of the gegenscheinEvershed, John
1933The central intensities of the Fraunhofer linesEvershed, John
Dec-1911Dante and medieval astronomyEvershed, M. A; Evershed, John
Nov-1917Day and night "seeing"Evershed, John
Oct-1918The displacement of the cyanogen bands in the solar spectrumEvershed, John
Apr-1920Displacement of the lines in the solar spectrum and Einstein's predictionEvershed, John
1919The displacement of the solar lines refelected by VenusEvershed, John
29-Apr-1915The displacements of the enhanced lines of iron at the centre of the sun`s discEvershed, John; Narayana Ayyar, A. A
May-1907Distribution of prominences in latitude in the year 1906, from observations made at Kodaikanal on 156 days in the first half of the year, and 105 days in the second halfEvershed, John
1917The Einstein effect and the eclipse of 1919 May 29Evershed, John
Oct-1923The Einstein effect in the solar spectrumEvershed, John
Mar-1927An emission line in the solar spectrum near KEvershed, John
Apr-1929Emission lines on the absorption bands of H and KEvershed, John
1895Experiments on the radiation of heated gasesEvershed, John