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  • Santos-Lleo, M; Chatzichristou, E; de Oliveira, C. M; Winge, C; Alloin, D; Peterson, B. M; Rodriguez-Pascual, P. M; Stirpe, G. M; Beers, T; Bragaglia, A; Claeskens, J. F; Federspiel, M; Giannuzzo, E; Gregorio-Hetem, J; Mathys, G; Salamanca, I; Stein, P; Stenholm, B; Wilhelm, R; Zanin, C; Albrecht, P; Calderon, J; Caretta, C. A; Carranza, G; da Costa, R. D. D; Diaz, R; Dietrich, M; Dottori, H; Elizalde, F; Goldes, G; Ghosh, K. K; Maia, M. A. G; Paolantonio, S; de Oliveira Filho, R. I; Rodriguez-Ardila, A; Schmitt, H. R; Soundararajaperumal, S; de Souza, R. E; Willmer, C. N. A; Zheng, W (American Astronomical Society, 1997-10)
    The results of an optical monitoring campaign on the active nucleus in the luminous Seyfert 1 galaxy Fairall 9 are presented. This campaign was undertaken in parallel with ultraviolet spectroscopic monitoring with the IUE ...

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