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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2001Ambipolar diffusion in the solar atmosphereChitre, S. M; Krishan, V
2010Are polar faculae generated by a local dynamo?Sivaraman, K. R; Antia, H. M; Chitre, S. M
Oct-1975Blueshift and spectral features of the gravitational searchlightChitre, S. M; Narlikar, J. V; Kapoor, R. C
1999Can 3He redistribution solve the solar neutrino problem ?Antia, H. M; Chitre, S. M
2000Effect of a magnetic field on solar oscillation frequenciesAntia, H. M; Chitre, S. M
1999Generation of kinetic helicity from irrotational motionsKrishan, V; Chitre, S. M
20-Jun-2014Generation of Magnetic Structures on the Solar PhotosphereGangadhara, R. T; Krishan, V; Bhowmick, A. K; Chitre, S. M
Dec-1974Gravitational searchlight and its astrophysical applicationsChitre, S. M; Narlikar, J. V; Kapoor, R. C
2000Helioseismic constraints on the proton-proton reaction cross-sectionAntia, H. M; Chitre, S. M
2000Helioseismology and solar neutrinosChitre, S. M
1988How well do we know our Sun?Chitre, S. M
1973A Journey to the Centre of a Neutron StarChitre, S. M
1996Long-period oscillations of the sun's interiorDavila, J. M; Chitre, S. M
1998Probes of the solar interiorChitre, S. M; Antia, H. M
Mar-1975Redetermination of the Hubble Constant and the Deceleration ParameterChitre, S. M
Jan-1975Schwarzschild orbital topography and high doppler blueshiftsStoeger, W. R; Chitre, S. M; Narlikar, J. V; Kapoor, R. C
1994Sizing up the universe with cosmic illusionsChitre, S. M
1986Solar Convection and OscillationsChitre, S. M
1993Straight arcs in gravitational lens systemsNarasimha, D; Chitre, S. M
Nov-1978Waves in the sunspot penumbraAntia, H. M; Chitre, S. M; Gokhale, M. H