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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2017Association of Plages with Sunspots: A Multi-Wavelength Study Using Kodaikanal Ca ii K and Greenwich Sunspot Area DataMandal, Sudip; Chatterjee, Subhamoy; Banerjee, D
1-Aug-2017Association of Supergranule Mean Scales with Solar Cycle Strengths and Total Solar IrradianceMandal, Sudip; Chatterjee, Subhamoy; Banerjee, D
10-Aug-2016A Butterfly Diagram and Carrington Maps for Century-long CA II K Spectroheliograms from The Kodaikanal ObservatoryChatterjee, Subhamoy; Banerjee, D; Ravindra, B
1-Nov-2017Long-term Study of the Solar Filaments from the Synoptic Maps as Derived from Hα Spectroheliograms of the Kodaikanal ObservatoryChatterjee, Subhamoy; Hegde, M; Banerjee, D; Ravindra, B
2013Noninvasive characterisation of foot reflexology areas by Sawept Source-Optical Coherence Tomography in patients with low back painKrishna, Dalal; Elanchezhiyan, D; Raunak, Das; Devjyoti, Dalal; Ravindra, Mohan Pandey; Chatterjee, Subhamoy; Ashish Datt, Upadhyay; Bharathi Maran, V; Jyotirmoy Chatterjee
20-Mar-2019Signature of extended solar cycles as detected from Ca ii K synoptic maps of Kodaikanal and Mount Wilson ObservatoryChatterjee, Subhamoy; Banerjee, D; McIntosh, S.W; Leamon, Robert J; Dikpati, Mausumi; Srivastava, Abhishek K; Bertello, L
20-Jan-2017Solar Active Longitudes from Kodaikanal White-Light Digitized DataMandal, Sudip; Chatterjee, Subhamoy; Banerjee, D
Jul-2014Solar imaging and image processing : tolerance analysis of SUIT optics and implementation of different image processing approachesChatterjee, Subhamoy
25-Aug-2017The Solar Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope on-board Aditya-L1Tripathi, Durgesh; Ramaprakash, A. N; Khan, Aafaque R; Ghosh, Avyarthana; Chatterjee, Subhamoy; Banerjee, D; Chordia, P; Gandorfer, Achim M; Krivova, Natalie; Nandy, D; Rajarshi, Chaitanya; Solanki, S. K
Jul-2016The Solar Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope onboard Aditya-L1Ghosh, Avyarthana; Chatterjee, Subhamoy; Khan, Aafaque R; Tripathi, Durgesh; Ramaprakash, A. N; Banerjee, D; Chordia, P; Gandorfer, Achim M; Krivova, Natalie; Nandy, D; Rajarshi, Chaitanya; Solanki, S. K; Sriram, S
14-Feb-2019Triggering the birth of new cycle’s sunspots by solar TsunamiDikpati, M; McIntosh, S.W; Chatterjee, Subhamoy; Banerjee, D; Yellin-Bergovoy, Ron; Srivastava, A
1-Jun-2017Variation of supergranule parameters with solar cycles: results from century-long Kodaikanal digitized Ca II K dataChatterjee, Subhamoy; Mandal, Sudip; Banerjee, D