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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-1991Contribution of polarons and bipolarons to low-temperature conductivity in doped polypyrroleReghu, M; Subramanyam, S. V; Chatterjee, S
Oct-2011Detection of a periodic structure embedded in surface roughness, for various correlation functionsVani, V. C; Chatterjee, S
May-2010Detection of a periodic structure hidden in random background: the role of signal amplitude in the matched filter detection methodVani, V. C; Chatterjee, S
1993Distribution of planetary nebulae perpendicular to the diskMallik, D. C. V; Chatterjee, S
Dec-1991Distribution of stars perpendicular to the plane of the GalaxyChatterjee, S
Jun-1995Distribution of stars perpendicular to the plane of the Galaxy. II.Chatterjee, S
Apr-1988Effects of capillary waves on the thickness of wetting layersChatterjee, S; Gopal, E. S. R
2011The Energy Dependence of the Photoelectric Attenuation Coefficient of SubstancesChatterjee, S; Vyas, A; Ravanfar Haghighi, R; Kumar, P
2003An Extended Matched Filtering Method to Detect Periodicities in a Rough Grating for Extremely Large RoughnessVani, V. C; Chatterjee, S
10-Jan-2004An extended mathched filter approach for the detection of hidden periodicities smeared by roughnessVani, V. C; Chatterjee, S
22-Nov-2018The extended solar cycle: muddying the waters of solar/stellar dynamo modeling or providing crucial observational constraints?Srivastava, Abhishek K; McIntosh, Scott W; Arge, N; Banerjee, D; Dikpati, Mausumi; Dwivedi, Bhola N; Guhathakurta, Madhulika; Karak, B. B; Leamon, Robert J; Matthew, Shibu K; Munoz-Jaramillo, Andres; Nandy, D; Norton, Aimee; Upton, L; Chatterjee, S; Rakesh, M; Yamini K. Rao; Rahul Yadav
20-Aug-2013Intensity profile of light scattered from a rough surfaceChatterjee, S; Vani, V. C; Banyal, R. K
2012Kariamanikkam Srinivasa Krishnan : his life and workMallik, D. C. V; Chatterjee, S
Mar-2003Light Scattering by a Dielectric Film with Periodically Varying Refractive Index ProfileChatterjee, S
Dec-1989Magnetic field induced metal-insulator transition in a one-dimensional chain: application to neutron star atmospheresChatterjee, S
1-Mar-2015Membrane-based deformable mirror: intrinsic aberrations and alignment issuesBayanna, A. R; Louis, R. E; Chatterjee, S; Mathew, S. K; Venkatakrishnan, P
Dec-2002On mass and velocity distributions in members of star clusters: An analytical approachChatterjee, S; Kumar, B; Sagar, R
2003On the Resolving Power of an Echelle Grating in the Presence of a Corrugated Wavefront of IncidenceChatterjee, S; Banyal, R. K; Prasad, B. R; Chandrasekharan, K
Jan-1987On the saturation of the refractive index structure function. I - Enhanced hopes for long baseline optical interferometryVenkatakrishnan, P; Chatterjee, S
Apr-2003On the scattering of light by a periodic structure in the presence of randomness II. On the detection of weak periodicitiesChatterjee, S; Vani, V. C