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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-1975Blanketing sporadic E layer near the magnetic equatorChandra, H; Rastogi, R. G
May-1979Daily variation of total electron content near magnetic equatorSethia, G; Chandra, H; Rastogi, R. G; Murthy, B. S; Shah, G. A; Krishna-Swamy, K. S
Mar-1978Equatorial irregularity belt and its movement during a magnetic stormVats, H. O; Chandra, H; Deshpande, M. R; Rastogi, R. G; Murthy, B. S; Janve, A. V; Rai, R. K; Singh, M; Gurm, H. S; Jain, A. R
Sep-1979Ionosphere scintillations associated with features of equatorial ionosphereChandra, H; Vats, H. O; Sethia, G; Deshpande, M. R; Rastogi, R. G; Sastri, J. H; Murthy, B. S
Dec-1980Ionospheric Effects During February 1980 Solar EclipseChandra, H; Deshpande, M. R; Vyas, G. D; Sethia, G; Vats, H. O; Iyer, K. N
1998Ionospheric effects of the total solar eclipse of 24 October, 1995 over AhmedabadChandra, H; Vyas, G. D; Sharma, S
Aug-2000Ionospheric storm of early November 1993 in the Indian equatorial regionSastri, J. H; Jyoti, N; Somayajulu, V. V; Chandra, H; Devasia, C. V
Dec-1980Phase and field Measurements at VLF, LF and HF During the Solar Eclipse of February 16, 1980 -- Preliminary ResultsDixit, P. S; Rao, P. K; Bhonsle, R. V; Sethia, G; Deshpande, M. R; Chandra, H
Jan-2001Sporadic-E associated with the Leonid meteor shower event of November 1998 over low and equatorial latitudesChandra, H; Sharma, S; Devasia, C. V; Subbarao, K. S. V; Sridharan, R; Sastri, J. H; Rao, J. V. S. V
1993Terrestrial effects of PSR 0950 + 08 (Paper 2)Vats, Hari Om; Chandra, H; Deshpande, M. R; Janardhan, P; Vyas, G. D
May-1994Thermospheric meridional neutral winds associated with equatorial midnight temperature maximum (MTM)Sastri, J. H; Rao, H. N. R; Somayajulu, V. V; Chandra, H
Jun-1979Total electron content and F-region electron density distribution near the magnetic equator in IndiaRastogi, R. G; Sethia, G; Chandra, H; Deshpande, M. R; Davies, K; Murthy, B. S