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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997The effect of aberrations on image quality - A study for the 1.2m Gurusikhar Infrared TelescopeBanerjee, D. P. K; Bobra, A. D; Subhedar, D. V
1989Evidence of expansion in the central region of NGC 2346Banerjee, D. P. K; Anandarao, B. G; Desai, J. N; Jain, S. K; Mallik, D. C. V
1999FLAGS - A Fibre Linked Astronomical Grating SpectrographBanerjee, D. P. K; Rawat, S. D; Pathan, F. M; Anandarao, B. G
1996Imaging Fabry-Perot spectroscopic observations on the planetary nebula NGC 1514Muthumariappan, C; Anandarao, B. G; Banerjee, D. P. K
2003IR Spectroscopy of Nova-like SourcesBanerjee, D. P. K; Ashok, N. M
2003JHK Spectroscopy of the Enigmatic Variable V445 PuppisAshok, N. M; Banerjee, D. P. K
Dec-1990Kinematic studies of five galactic planetary nebulaeBanerjee, D. P. K; Anandarao, B. G; Jain, S. K; Mallik, D. C. V
Dec-2002Limited Seeing Measurements at Mount Abu Infrared ObservatoryAshok, N. M; Banerjee, D. P. K
Nov-1988Morphology of the bipolar planetary nebula NGC 2346 from emission line profile studiesAnandarao, B. G; Banerjee, D. P. K; Desai, J. N; Jain, S. K; Mallik, D. C. V
May-2006Near-infrared and optical studies of the fast nova V4643 Sgr (Nova Sagittarii 2001)Ashok, N. M; Banerjee, D. P. K; Varricatt, W. P; Kamath, U. S
Sep-2002Near-infrared spectroscopy of Nova Sagittarii 2001 (V4643 Sgr)Ashok, N. M; Banerjee, D. P. K; Varricatt, W. P
1999On the accuracy of the caustic testBanerjee, D. P. K; Willstrop, R. V; Anandarao, B. G
2004Optical Studies of V4332 Sagittarii: Detection of Unusually Strong K I and Na I Lines in EmissionBanerjee, D. P. K; Ashok, N. M
Sep-2014Optical/IR studies of Be stars in NGC 6834 with emphasis on two specific starsMathew, B; Varricatt, W. P; Subramaniam, A; Ashok, N. M; Banerjee, D. P. K
1998Pointing-accuracy for the 1.2m Gurushikhar telescope - measurement and improvementBobra, A. D; Subhedar, D. V; Banerjee, D. P. K
Jun-2015Strong near-infrared carbon in the Type Ia supernova iPTF13ebhHsiao, E. Y; Burns, C. R; Contreras, C; Hoflich, P; Sand, D; Marion, G. H; Phillips, M. M; Stritzinger, M; Gonzalez-Gaitan, S; Mason, R. E; Folatelli, G; Parent, E; Gall, C; Amanullah, R; Anupama, G. C; Arcavi, I; Banerjee, D. P. K; Beletsky, Y; Blanc, G. A; Bloom, J. S; Brown, P. J; Campillay, A; Cao, Y; De Cia, A; Diamond, T; Freedman, W. L; Gonzalez, C; Goobar, A; Holmbo, S; Howell, D. A; Johansson, J; Kasliwal, M. M; Kirshner, R. P; Krisciunas, K; Kulkarni, S. R; Maguire, K; Milne, P. A; Morrell, N; Nugent, P. E; Ofek, E. O; Osip, D; Palunas, P; Perley, D. A; Persson, S. E; Piro, A. L; Rabus, M; Roth, M; Schiefelbein, J. M; Srivastav, S; Sullivan, M; Suntzeff, N. B; Surace, J; Wozniak, P. R; Yaron, O
Feb-2012Studies of a possible new Herbig Ae/Be star in the open cluster NGC 7380Mathew, B; Banerjee, D. P. K; Ashok, N. M; Subramaniam, A; Bhavya, B; Joshi, V
Jun-2005Studies of the peculiar nova V4332 SgrBanerjee, D. P. K
1-Jul-2012A Study of the Role of Ly╬▓ Fluorescence on O I Line Strengths in Be StarsBlesson, M; Banerjee, D. P. K; Subramaniam, A; Ashok, N. M
1993Velocity field structure in the Orion NebulaSeema, P; Banerjee, D. P. K; Anandarao, B. G