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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2009The CoRoT target HD175726: an active star with weak solar-like oscillationsMosser, B; Michel, E; Appourchaux, T; Barban, C; Baudin, F; Boumier, P; Bruntt, H; Catala, C; Deheuvels, S; Garcia, R. A; Gaulme, P; Regulo, C; Roxburgh, I; Samadi, R; Verner, G; Auvergne, M; Baglin, A; Ballot, J; Benomar, O; Mathur, S
Nov-2009A fresh look at the seismic spectrum of HD49933: analysis of 180 days of CoRoT photometryBenomar, O; Baudin, F; Campante, T. L; Chaplin, W. J; García, R. A; Gaulme, P; Toutain, T; Verner, G. A; Appourchaux, T; Ballot, J; Barban, C; Elsworth, Y; Mathur, S; Mosser, B; Régulo, C; Roxburgh, I. W; Auvergne, M; Baglin, A; Catala, C; Michel, E; Samadi, R
Jan-2009Magnetic activity in the photosphere of CoRoT-Exo-2a. Active longitudes and short-term spot cycle in a young Sun-like starLanza, A. F; Pagano, I; Leto, G; Messina, S; Aigrain, S; Alonso, R; Auvergne, M; Baglin, A; Barge, P; Bonomo, A. S; Boumier, P; Collier Cameron, A; Comparato, M; Cutispoto, G; de Medeiros, J. R; Foing, B; Kaiser, A; Moutou, C; Parihar, P. S; Silva-Valio, A; Weiss, W. W
11-Jun-2010Seismic and spectroscopic characterization of the solar-like pulsating CoRoT target HD 49385Deheuvels, S; Bruntt, H; Michel, E; Barban, C; Verner, G; Régulo, C; Mosser, B; Mathur, S; Gaulme, P; Garcia, R. A; Boumier, P; Appourchaux, T; Samadi, R; Catala, C; Baudin, F; Baglin, A; Auvergne, M; Roxburgh, I. W; Pérez Hernández, F
Oct-2009Solar-like oscillations in HD 181420: data analysis of 156 days of CoRoT dataBarban, C; Deheuvels, S; Baudin, F; Appourchaux, T; Auvergne, M; Ballot, J; Boumier, P; Chaplin, W. J; Garcia, R. A; Gaulme, P; Michel, E; Mosser, B; Regulo, C; Roxburgh, I. W; Verner, G; Baglin, A; Catala, C; Samadi, R; Bruntt, H; Elsworth, Y; Mathur, S
Oct-2009Solar-like oscillations with low amplitude in the CoRoT target HD 181906Garcia, R. A; Regulo, C; Samadi, R; Ballot, J; Barban, C; Benomar, O; Chaplin, W. J; Gaulme, P; Appourchaux, T; Mathur, S; Mosser, B; Toutain, T; Verner, G. A; Auvergne, M; Baglin, A; Baudin, F; Boumier, P; Bruntt, H; Catala, C; Deheuvels, S; Elsworth, Y; Jimenez-Reyes, S. J; Michel, E; Perez Hernandez, F; Roxburgh, I. W; Salabert, D