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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-1981Asymmetry in energy transfer in a collision of galaxiesAhmed, Farooq; Alladin, S. M
1996Classification of colliding galaxiesNarasimhan, K. S. V. S; Sastry, K. S; Alladin, S. M
2000Classification of colliding galaxies - IINarasimhan, K. S. V. S; Alladin, S. M; Sastry, K. S
Dec-1986Energy Loss due to Gravitational Radiation in Galaxy MergersSivaram, C; Alladin, S. M
1999Escape velocities of interacting galaxies in Hernquist's modelNarasimhan, K. S. V. S; Alladin, S. M; Sastry, K. S
Sep-1981Escape velocities of interacting spherical galaxiesSastry, Shankara. K; Alladin, S. M
Sep-1975Evolution of Viscous DiscsAlladin, S. M
Sep-2002Fluctuations in Moon's period and its relationship with the perigees of the Moon and the SunBallabh, G. M; Alladin, S. M
Mar-1975Gravitational Interactions Between GalaxiesAlladin, S. M
2000The merger time of binary globular clustersBallabh, G. M; Alladin, S. M
Jun-1978Merging GalaxiesAlladin, S. M
1997My life as an astronomerAlladin, S. M
Dec-1987On the Formation of Bridges and Tails in Interacting Galaxies - IINamboodiri, P. M. S; Kochhar, R. K; Alladin, S. M
Dec-1974Report on the I. A. U. Symposium No. 69Alladin, S. M
2000Scattering in a parabolic encounter of a single star with a circular binaryHasan, S. N; Tagare, S. G; Alladin, S. M
Sep-1983Stellar Velocity Perturbations in colliding Galaxies IINarasimhan, K. S. V. S; Alladin, S. M
Sep-1978Tidal disruption and tidal coalescence in binary stellar systemsAlladin, S. M; Parthasarathy, M
Sep-1982Tidal disruption in colliding galaxiesNarasimhan, K. S. V. S; Alladin, S. M
Sep-2003Tidal disruption model for the interacting pair of galaxies VV 117 (NGC 2444/45)Narasimhan, K. S. V. S; Namboodiri, P. M. S; Alladin, S. M
Dec-1985A Tidal model for the inetracting pair of galaxies VV 117Narasimhan, K. S. V. S; Alladin, S. M