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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1902The flash-spectrumEvershed, John
Apr-1902The flash-spectrumEvershed, John
Oct-1914The general shift of Fraunhofer lines towards the redEvershed, John
1926The green flashEvershed, John
May-1908Helium absorption in the SunEvershed, John
Dec-1928High dispersion prism spectraEvershed, John
1919Is Venus cloud covered?Evershed, John
1908A large prominenceEvershed, John
Sep-1916Large prominencesEvershed, John
25-Apr-1907List of Prominences observed between 1906 January 1 and 1906 June 30Evershed, John
24-Jun-1907List of Prominences observed between 1906 July 1 and 1906 December 31Evershed, John
8-Nov-1907List of prominences observed between 1907 January 1 and 1907 June 30Evershed, John
1-May-1911List of Prominences observed between 1910 July 1 and 1910 December 31 with a summary for the yearEvershed, John
12-Oct-1911List of Prominences observed between 1911 January 1 and 1911 June 30Evershed, John
2-Apr-1912List of Prominences observed between 1911, July 1 and 1911, December 31Evershed, John
Jun-1944The magnetic effect in sunspot spectraEvershed, John
Mar-1939Measures of the relative shifts of the line 5250.218 and neighbouring lines in MT. Wilson solar magnetic field spectraEvershed, John
Sep-1919The moon in daylightEvershed, John
10-Dec-1913A new interpretation of the general displacement of the lines of the solar spectrum towards the redEvershed, John
27-Jun-1916New measures of radial motion in sunspotsEvershed, John