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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Aug-2013Dust Around R Coronae Borealis Stars. II. Infrared Emission Features in an H-poor EnvironmentGarcia-Hernandez, D. A; Kameswara Rao, N; Lambert, D. L
Jun-2016Silicon depletion in the interstellar mediumHaris, U; Parvathi, V. S; Gudennavar, S. B; Bubbly, S. G; Murthy, J; Sofia, U. J
Aug-2017Three-dimensional Monte Carlo dust radiative transfer study of the H-poor planetary nebula IRAS 18333–2357 located in M22Muthumariappan, C
1-Nov-2012Star Formation Activity in the Galactic H II Region Sh2-297Mallick, K. K; Ojha, D. K; Samal, M. R; Pandey, A. K; Bhatt, B. C; Ghosh, S. K; Dewangan, L. K; Tamura, M
10-Sep-2011Star Formation Activity in the Galactic H II Complex S255-S257Ojha, D. K; Samal, M. R; Pandey, A. K; Bhatt, B. C; Ghosh, S. K; Sharma, S; Tamura, M; Mohan, V; Zinchenko, I
20-Sep-2011Dust around R Coronae Borealis Stars. I. Spitzer/Infrared Spectrograph ObservationsAníbal García-Hernández, D; Kameswara Rao, N; Lambert, D. L
1-Jan-2016An excess of mid-infrared emission from the type Iax SN 2014dtFox, O. D; Johansson, J; Kasliwal, M; Andrews, J; Bally, J; Bond, H. E; Boyer, M. L; Gehrz, R. D; Helou, G; Hsiao, E. Y; Masci, F. J; Parthasarathy, M; Smith, N; Tinyanont, S; Van Dyk, S. D
1-Jan-2015The mystery of the cosmic diffuse ultraviolet background radiationHenry, R. C; Murthy, J; Overduin, James; Tyler, Joshua
10-May-2018The Diffuse Radiation Field at High Galactic LatitudesAkshaya, M. S; Murthy, J; Ravichandran, S; Henry, R. C; Overduin, J
Nov-2019The intrinsic reddening of the magellanic clouds as traced by background galaxies– I. The bar and outskirts of the small magellanic cloudBell, C. P. M; Cioni, M. L; Wright, A. H; Rubele, S; Nidever, David L; Tatton, B. L; van Loon, J. T; Ivanov, V. D; Subramanian, S; Oliveira, J. M; de Grijs, R; Pennock, Clara M; Choi, Yumi; Zaritsky, Dennis; Olsen, K; Niederhofer, Florian; Choudhury, Samyaday; Martinez-Delgado, David; Munoz, Ricardo R