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Title: TRAO survey of nearby filamentary molecular clouds, the universal nursery of stars (TRAO FUNS). I. Dynamics and Chemistry of L1478 in the California molecular cloud
Authors: Chung, E.J
Lee, C.W
Kim, S
Kim, G
Caselli, P
Tafalla, M
Myers, P.C
Archana, S
Liu, T
Maheswar, G
Kim, M
Kim, K.H
Kwon, W
Kang, H
Lee, C
Keywords: ISM: clouds;ISM: kinematics and dynamics;ISM: structure;Stars: formation
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2019
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Citation: The Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 877, No. 2, 114
Abstract: “TRAO FUNS” is a project to survey the Gould Belt’s clouds in molecular lines. This paper presents its first results on the central region of the California molecular cloud, L1478. We performed on-the-fly mapping observations using the Taeduk Radio Astronomy Observatory 14 m single-dish telescope equipped with a 16 multibeam array covering a ∼1.0 square degree area of this region using C18O(1–0), mainly tracing low-density clouds, and a ∼460 square arcminute area using N2H+(1–0), mainly tracing dense cores. CS(2–1) and SO(32–21) were also used simultaneously to map a ∼440 square arcminute area of this region. We identified 10 filaments by applying the dendrogram technique to the C18O data cube and 8 dense N2H+ cores using FELLWALKER. Basic physical properties of filaments such as mass, length, width, velocity field, and velocity dispersion are derived. It is found that L1478 consists of several filaments with slightly different velocities. Particularly, the filaments that are supercritical are found to contain dense cores detected in N H+ 2 . A comparison of nonthermal velocity dispersions derived from C O 18 and N H+ 2 for the filaments and dense cores indicates that some of the dense cores share kinematics similar to those of the surrounding filaments, while several dense cores have different kinematics from those of their filaments. This suggests that the formation mechanism of dense cores and filaments can be different in individual filaments depending on their morphologies and environments
Description: Restricted Access
ISSN: 0004-637X
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