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Title: The WiFeS S7 AGN survey: Current status and recent results on NGC 6300
Authors: Scharwachter, J
Dopita, M. A
Shastri, P
Davies, R
Kewley, L
Hampton, E
Sutherland, R
Kharb, P
Jose, J
Bhatt, H. C
Ramya, S
Jin, C
Banfield, J
Zaw, I
Juneau, S
James, B
Srivastava, S
Keywords: Astronomy;Astrophysics;Cosmology
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Springer
Citation: N. R. Napolitano, G. Longo, M. Marconi, M. Paolillo, & E. Iodice (Eds.), The Universe of Digital Sky Surveys, pp. 263–267
Series/Report no.: Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings, Vol. 42
Abstract: The Siding Spring Southern Seyfert Spectroscopic Snapshot Survey (S7) is a targeted survey probing the narrow-line regions (NLRs) of a representative sample of ∼ 140 nearby (z < 0. 02) Seyfert galaxies by means of optical integral field spectroscopy. The survey is based on a homogeneous data set observed using the Wide Field Spectrograph WiFeS. The data provide a 25 × 38 arcsec2 field-of-view around the galaxy centre at typically ∼ 1.5 arcsec spatial resolution and cover a wavelength range between ∼ 3,400–7,100 Å at spectral resolutions of ∼ 100 km s−1 and ∼ 50 km s−1 in the blue and red parts, respectively. The survey is primarily designed to study gas excitation and star formation around AGN, with a special focus on the shape of the AGN ionising continuum, the interaction between radio jets and the NLR gas, and the nature of nuclear LINER emission. We provide an overview of the current status of S7-based results and present new results for NGC 6300.
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