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Title: SN 2013ej: a type IIL supernova with weak signs of interaction
Authors: Bose, S
Sutaria, F. K
Kumar, B
Duggal, C
Misra, K
Brown, P. J
Singh, M
Dwarkadas, V
York, D. G
Chakraborti, S
Chandola, H. C
Dahlstrom, J
Ray, A
Safonova, M
Keywords: Galaxies;Individual (NGC 0628) – supernovae;General – supernovae;Individual (SN 2013ej)
Issue Date: 20-Jun-2015
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Citation: The Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 806, No. 2, 160
Abstract: We present optical photometric and spectroscopic observations of SN 2013ej. It is one of the brightest Type II supernovae (SNe II) exploded in a nearby (~10 Mpc) galaxy, NGC 628. The light-curve characteristics are similar to SNe II, but with a relatively shorter (~85 days) and steeper (~1.7 mag (100 days)−1 in V) plateau phase. The SN shows a large drop of 2.4 mag in V-band brightness during the plateau-to-nebular transition. The absolute ultraviolet (UV) light curves are identical to SN 2012aw, showing a similar UV-plateau trend extending up to 85 days. The radioactive 56Ni mass estimated from the tail luminosity is 0.02 , which is significantly lower than typical SNe IIP. The characteristics of spectral features and evolution of line velocities indicate that SN 2013ej is a Type II event. However, light-curve characteristics and some spectroscopic features provide strong support in classifying it as a Type IIL event. A detailed synow modeling of spectra indicates the presence of some high-velocity components in Hα and Hβ profiles, implying a possible ejecta–circumstellar medium interaction. The nebular phase spectrum shows an unusual notch in the Hα emission, which may indicate bipolar distribution of 56Ni. Modeling of the bolometric light curve yields a progenitor mass of ~14 and a radius of ~450 , with a total explosion energy of erg.
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ISSN: 0004-637X
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