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Title: iPTF13bvn: The First Evidence of a Binary Progenitor for a Type Ib Supernova
Authors: Bersten, M. C
Benvenuto, O. G
Folatelli, G
Nomoto, K
Kuncarayakti, H
Srivastav, S
Anupama, G. C
Quimby, R
Sahu, D. K
Keywords: Stars: evolution;Supernovae: general;Supernovae: individual (iPTF13bvn)
Issue Date: Oct-2014
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Citation: The Astronomical Journal, Vol. 148, No, 4, 68
Abstract: The recent detection in archival Hubble Space Telescope images of an object at the location of supernova (SN) iPTF13bvn may represent the first direct evidence of the progenitor of a Type Ib SN. The object's photometry was found to be compatible with a Wolf-Rayet pre-SN star mass of ≈11 M ☉. However, based on hydrodynamical models, we show that the progenitor had a pre-SN mass of ≈3.5 M ☉ and that it could not be larger than ≈8 M ☉. We propose an interacting binary system as the SN progenitor and perform evolutionary calculations that are able to self-consistently explain the light curve shape, the absence of hydrogen, and the pre-SN photometry. We further discuss the range of allowed binary systems and predict that the remaining companion is a luminous O-type star of significantly lower flux in the optical than the pre-SN object. A future detection of such a star may be possible and would provide the first robust identification of a progenitor system for a Type Ib SN.
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ISSN: 1538-3881
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