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Title: Stellar Content and Star Formation in Young Clusters Influenced by Massive Stars
Authors: Jose, J
Issue Date: Sep-2014
Publisher: American Astronomical Society
Citation: Massive Young Star Clusters Near and Far: From the Milky Way to Reionization. 2013 Guillermo Haro Conference, Eds. Y. D. Mayya, D. Rosa González and E. Terlevich. INAOE & AMC, June 2014. pp. 47-50
Abstract: Star Formation (SF) in extreme environment is always challenging and can be significantly different from that in quiet environments. This study presents the comprehensive multi-wavelength (optical, NIR, MIR and radio) observational analysis of three Galactic starforming regions associated with H II regions/young clusters and located at > 2 kpc, which are found to be evolving under the influence of massive stars within their vicinity. The candidate massive stars, young stellar objects, their mass, age, age spread, the form of K-band Luminosity Function (KLF), Initial Mass Function (IMF) and a possible formation history of each region are studied. The major results on Sh2-252, an extended H II region that appears to be undergoing multiple episodes of SF, are highlighted. Our analysis shows that all the regions are undergoing complex SF activity and the new generation of stars in each region seem to be an outcome of the influence by the presence of massive stars within them. SF process in these regions are likely to be multi-fold and the results suggest that multiple modes of triggering mechanism and hierarchial modes of SF are a common phenomena within young clusters.
ISBN: 978-607-8379-01-9
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