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Title: Science with a Wide-Field UV Transient Explorer
Authors: Sagiv, I
Gal-Yam, A
Ofek, E. O
Waxman, E
Aharonson, O
Kulkarni, S. R
Nakar, E
Maoz, D
Trakhtenbrot, B
Phinney, E. S
J. Topaz, J
Beichman, C
Murthy, J
Worden, S. P
Keywords: Binaries: eclipsing;Methods: observational;Supernovae: general;Surveys;Ultraviolet: general
Issue Date: Apr-2014
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Citation: The Astronomical Journal, Vol. 147, No. 4, 79
Abstract: The time-variable electromagnetic sky has been well-explored at a wide range of wavelengths. In contrast, the ultra-violet (UV) variable sky is relatively poorly explored, even though it offers exciting scientific prospects. Here, we review the potential scientific impact of a wide-field UV survey on the study of explosive and other transient events, as well as known classes of variable objects, such as active galactic nuclei and variable stars. We quantify our predictions using a fiducial set of observational parameters which are similar to those envisaged for the proposed ULTRASAT mission. We show that such a mission would be able to revolutionize our knowledge about massive star explosions by measuring the early UV emission from hundreds of events, revealing key physical parameters of the exploding progenitor stars. Such a mission would also detect the UV emission from many tens of tidal-disruption events of stars by supermassive black holes at galactic nuclei and enable a measurement of the rate of such events. The overlap of such a wide-field UV mission with existing and planned gravitational-wave and high-energy neutrino telescopes makes it especially timely.
Description: Restricted Access
ISSN: 0004-6256
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