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Title: Correlation Trends in the Ground-State Static Electric Dipole Polarizabilities of Closed-Shell Atoms and Ions
Authors: Singh, Y
Sahoo, B. K
Das, B. P
Issue Date: 3-Dec-2013
Publisher: American Physical Society
Citation: Physical Review A, Vol. 88, No. 6, 062504
Abstract: We employ the closed-shell perturbed relativistic coupled-cluster (RCC) theory developed by us earlier [Phys. Rev. A 77, 062516 (2008)] to evaluate the ground-state static electric dipole polarizabilities (αs) of several atomic systems. In this work, we have incorporated a class of higher-order many-body effects in our calculations that had not been taken into account in the above paper. We highlight their importance in improving the accuracies of αs. We also calculate the ground state αs of the inert gas atoms and several isoelectronic singly and doubly charged ions in order to make a comparative study of the trends of the correlation effects. Furthermore, we have developed a method to construct intermediate diagrams that are required for the computations of the unperturbed single and doubl coupled-cluster amplitudes. Our RCC results are compared with those of many-body perturbation theory at different orders to demonstrate the importance of higher-order correlation effects for the accurate determination of (αs) of the systems that we have considered.
ISSN: 1050-2947
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