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Title: Stars at the Tip of Peculiar Elephant Trunk-Like Clouds in IC 1848E: A Possible Third Mechanism of Triggered Star Formation
Authors: Chauhan, N
Ogura, K
Pandey, A. K
Samal, M. R
Bhatt, B. C
Keywords: ISM: H II regions;ISM: individual (IC 1848E);ISM: kinematics and dynamics;Stars: formation;Stars: pre–main-sequence
Issue Date: Aug-2011
Publisher: Astronomical Society of Japan
Citation: Publications Astronomical Society of Japan, Vol. 63, pp. 795-802
Abstract: The H II region IC 1848 harbors a lot of intricate elephant trunk-like structures that look morphologically different from usual bright-rimmed clouds (BRCs). Of particular interest is a concentration of thin and long elephant trunk-like structures in the southeastern part of IC 1848E. Some of them have an apparently associated star or two stars at their very tip. We conducted $VI_{ m c}$ photometry of several of these stars. Their positions on the $V/(V$ $-$ $I_{ m c}$) color–magnitude diagram as well as the physical parameters obtained by SED fittings indicate that they are low-mass pre–main-sequence stars having ages of mostly one Myr, or less. This strongly suggests that they formed from elongated, elephant trunk-like clouds. We presume that such elephant trunk-like structures are genetically different from BRCs, on the basis of the differences in morphology, size distributions, and the ages of the associated young stars. We suspect that those clouds have been caused by hydrodynamical instability of the ionization/shock front of the expanding H II region. Similar structures often show up in recent numerical simulations of the evolution of H II regions. We further hypothesize that this mechanism makes a third mode of triggered star formation associated with H II regions, in addition to the two known mechanisms, i.e., collect-and-collapse of the shell accumulated around an expanding H II region and radiation-driven implosion of BRCs originated from pre-existing cloud clumps.
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