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Title: The latest two GRB detected by Hete-2: GRB 051022 and GRB 051028
Authors: Castro-Tirado, A. J
McBreen, S
Jelínek, M
Pandey, S. B
Bremer, M
de Ugarte Postigo, A
Gorosabel, J
Guziy, S
Bihain, G
Caballero, J. A
Ferrero, P
de Jong, J
Misra, K
Sahu, D. K
Keywords: Gamma-ray sources;Gamma-ray bursts;X- and gamma-ray telescopes and instrumentation
Issue Date: May-2006
Publisher: American Institute of Physics
Citation: AIP Conference Proceedings, Vol. 836, pp. 79-84
Abstract: We present multiwavelength observations of the latest two GRB detected by Hete-2 in 2005. For GRB 051022, no optical/nIR afterglow has been detected, in spite of the strong gamma-ray emission and the reported X-ray afterglow discovered by Swift. A mm afterglow was discovered at PdB confirming the association of this event with a luminous (MV = − 21.5) galaxy within the X-ray error box. Spectroscopy of this galaxy shows strong a strong [O II] emission line at z = 0.807, besides weaker [O III] emission. The X-ray spectrum showed evidence of considerable absorption by neutral gas with NH,X-ray = 4.5 × 1022 cm2 (at rest frame). ISM absorption by dust in the host galaxy at z = 0.807 cannot certainly account for the non-detection of the optical afterglow, unless the dust-to-gas ratio is quite different than that seen in our Galaxy. It is possible then that GRB 051022 was produced in an obscured, stellar forming region in its parent host galaxy.For GRB 051028, the data can be interpreted by collimated emission (a jet model with p = 2.4) moving in an homogeneous ISM and with a cooling frequency vc still above the X-rays at 0.5 days after the burst onset. GRB 051028 can be classified as a “gray” or “potentially dark” GRB. The Swift/XRT data are consistent with the interpretation that the reason for the optical dimness is not extra absorption in the host galaxy, but rather the GRB taking place at high-redshift
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