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Title: Local helioseismic and spectroscopic analyses of interactions between acoustic waves and a sunspot
Authors: Rajaguru, S. P
Wachter, R
Sankarasubramanian, K
Couvidat, S
Keywords: Radiative transfer;Sun: helioseismology;Sun: oscillations;Sun: surface magnetism;Sunspots
Issue Date: 1-Oct-2010
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Citation: The Astrophysical Journal, Vol.721, No. 2, pp. L86-L91
Abstract: Using a high-cadence imaging spectropolarimetric observation of a sunspot and its surroundings in magnetically sensitive (Fe I 6173 Å) and insensitive (Fe I 7090 Å) upper photospheric absorption lines, we map the instantaneous wave phases and helioseismic travel times as a function of observation height and inclination of magnetic field to the vertical. We confirm the magnetic inclination-angle-dependent transmission of incident acoustic waves into upward propagating waves and derive (1) proof that helioseismic travel times receive direction-dependent contributions from such waves and hence cause errors in conventional flow inferences, (2) evidences for acoustic wave sources beneath the umbral photosphere, and (3) significant differences in travel times measured from the chosen magnetically sensitive and insensitive spectral lines.
Description: Open Access
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