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Title: Profile fitting by marquardt algorithm
Authors: Surendiranath, R
Keywords: Marquardt Algorithm;Stellar;Nebular Spectroscopic;Line Flux;Electron Temperature;Electron Density;Radial Velocities
Issue Date: 1988
Publisher: Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
Citation: Velusamy, T and Venugopal, V. R eds., Image processing in astronomy: Proceedings of the workshop in imaging processing in astronomy held in Ooty 23 - 27 March 1987, pp. 87 - 89
Abstract: Many of the stellar and nebular spectroscopic problems need the inputs of the line flux (or equivalent width if the line is in absorption) and the wavelength of the line peak. These input parameters are then used in the analysis for obtaining physical parameters like electron temperature, electron density, abundances of the elements, radial velocities etc.
Description: Open Access
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