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Title: A method to determine distances to molecular clouds using near-IR photometry
Authors: Maheswar, G
Lee, C. W
Bhatt, H. C
Mallik, S. G. V
Dib, S
Keywords: Dust;Extinction;ISM: Clouds;Stars: Distances;Infrared: ISM
Issue Date: Jan-2010
Publisher: EDP Sciences
Citation: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol. 509, A44
Abstract: We aim to develop a method to determine distances to molecular clouds using JHK near-infrared photometry. Methods: The method is based on a technique that aids spectral classification of stars lying towards the fields containing the clouds into main sequence and giants. In this technique, the observed (J-H) and (H-K_s) colours are dereddened simultaneously using trial values of A V and a normal interstellar extinction law. The best fit of the dereddened colours to the intrinsic colours giving a minimum value of χ2 then yields the corresponding spectral type and A V for the star. The main sequence stars, thus classified, are then utilized in an A V versus distance plot to bracket the cloud distances. Results: We applied the method to four clouds, L1517, Chamaeleon I, Lupus 3 and NGC 7023 and estimated their distances as 167±30, 151±28, 157±29 and 408±76 pc respectively, which are in good agreement with the previous distance estimations available in the literature.
ISSN: 0004-6361
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