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Title: The chemical composition and circumstellar environment of the variable star QY sge
Authors: Goswami, A
Kameswara Rao, N
Lambert, D. L
Keywords: Chemical Composition;Variable Star QY Sge;RV Tau Variables;Solar Atmosphere;Spectrum;RCrB Stars;Spectral Classification;Circumstellar Environment;Spectroscopic Features
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Citation: Kurtz, D. W and Pollard, K. R eds., Variable Stars in the local group: IAU Colloquium 193, Proceedings of a colloquium held at University of Canterbury, ASP Conference Series Vol. 310, Christchurch, New Zealand, 6 - 11, July, 2003, pp. 430 - 434
Series/Report no.: Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series;Vol. 310
Abstract: Chemical composition studies of the variable star QY Sge show abundance anomalies suggestive of the pattern exhibited by the warmer RV Tau variables. Abundance analysis indicates a near-solar atmosphere with highly condensable elements depleted by several factors. Evidence of broad Na D emission features in its spectrum, a characteristic feature of RCrB stars taken at minimum, however, raises the question of its spectral classification. We address this question through a comparative analysis of its spectrum with those of gamma Cyg, 89 Her and R CrB taken at minimum., in addition to abundance analysis. We also discuss a possible physical scenario of the circumstellar environment accounting for the characteristics of the distinct spectroscopic features.
Description: Open Access
ISBN: 1-58381-162-1
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