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Title: The development of technology for vacuum ultraviolet plane grating monochromator to be used with XUV synchrotron source of INDUS I
Authors: Saxena, A. K
Cowsik, R
Keywords: Vacuum Ultraviolet;Plane Grating Monochromator;XUV Synchrotron Source;VUV Optics Technology
Issue Date: 1997
Publisher: SPIE The International Society for Optical Engineering.
Citation: Peter Z. Takacs, Thomas W. Tonnessen., eds., Materials, manufacturing, and measurement for synchrotron radiation mirrors., Proceedings of the society of photo-optical instrumentation engineers, Vol. 3152, Wednesday 30 July 1997, San Diego, CA, USA., pp. 59 - 76
Abstract: The plane grating monochromator is to be used with the 480MeV (lambda(c)=61 Angstrom) consists of a, plane grating, plane minor (500mmx50mm) and an ellipsoidal mirror (300mmx50mm, & semi-major axis 39935.7mm, semi-minor axis 378.84mm and eccentricity is 0.999955 viz center of the mirror x=38433.772mm, y=102.920mm). The technology for fabricating the plane mirror and the ellipsoidal mirror is being developed at Photonics Division, Indian Institute of Astrophysics. The optical requirement for these mirrors in terms of tangent error better than 1 sec of are and the micro roughness better than 5A(0) is dictated by the design parameters of the monochromator. With these specifications in mind Zerodur substrate material has been chosen in the first phase of the development. For the fabrication of the ellipsoidal mirror a new machine has been designed and fabricated for different stages of grinding, polishing and figuring. The flat and the ellipsoidal mirror are in the final stages of figuring. The paper presents the technology development for manufacturing of these mirrors and the measurement procedures adopted during the fabrication. Problem areas have also been discussed.
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ISBN: 0-8194-2574-5
ISSN: 0277-786X
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