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Title: Implications of γ-ray lines observed from the orion complex. II
Authors: Cowsik, R
Friedlander, W. M
Keywords: Implications of γ-Ray Lines;Intense Gamma-Ray Line Emission;Orion Complex;Cosmic-Ray Carbon;Cosmic-Ray Oxygen Nuclei;High-Energy Gamma Rays;Theories of Cosmic-Ray Origins
Issue Date: 1995
Publisher: International Union of Pure and Applied Physics
Citation: Iucci, N and Lamanna, E., eds., 24th International Cosmic Ray Conference, Vol. 2, held August 28 - September 8, 1995 in Rome, Italy. pp. 253 - 255
Series/Report no.: International Cosmic Ray Conference;Vol. 2
Abstract: The observation of intense gamma-ray line emission from the Orion complex, attributed by Bloemen et al. to de-excitation of cosmic-ray carbon and oxygen nuclei, has important, implications for emission from Orion in the infrared and in high-energy gamma rays, and also for the theories of cosmic-ray origins. Some of these implications are briefly pointed out.
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