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Title: Studies of diffuse UV radiation
Authors: Sujatha, N. V
Murthy, J
Keywords: Ultraviolet: ISM;ISM: Dust: Extinction;Diffuse Radiation
Issue Date: Jun-2007
Publisher: Astronomical Society of India
Citation: Bulletin of the Astronomical Society of India, Vol. 35, No. 2, pp. 295 - 300
Abstract: The upcoming TAUVEX mission is expected to provide us with high quality data from observations over large parts of the sky in different wavelength bands. We propose to use this data for the study of diffuse radiation field and its sources in the UV, where much of the energy transfer between the stellar radiation field and the interstellar medium occurs. In this paper we describe, our method for development of tools and techniques to extract the astrophysical diffuse radiation using available GALEX data which will be used to analyse the data from the TAUVEX mission, our future plans and expected science returns.
ISSN: 0304-9523
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