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Title: Preliminary results on the flux of TeV g-rays from crab system obtained with the PACT at Pachmarhi
Authors: Sripathi Acharya, B
Bhat, P. N
Chitnis, V. R
Majumdar, P
Rahman, M. A
Singh, B. B
Vishwanath, P. R
Keywords: Crab system;Nebula;Pulsar;PACT;Crab Nebula;γ -rays
Issue Date: Jul-2003
Publisher: International Union of Pure and Applied Physics
Citation: Kajita, Y. Asaoka, A. Kawachi, Y. Matsubara and M. Sasaki., eds., Proceedings of the 28th International Cosmic Ray Conference. July 31 - August 7, Trukuba, Japan, 2003. pp. 2391 - 2394
Abstract: We have observed the Crab system (Nebula and Pulsar) and the corresponding background regions during many clear nights in the years 1999-2002 ˇ using the atmospheric Cerenkov array at Pachmarhi, PACT. Preliminary results indicate a steady emission of TeV γ -rays from the Crab Nebula.
ISBN: 4-946443-80-0
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