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dc.contributor.authorSharma, D. P-
dc.contributor.authorMarar, T. M. K-
dc.contributor.authorSeetha, S-
dc.contributor.authorKasturirangan, K-
dc.contributor.authorRao, U. R-
dc.contributor.authorBhattacharyya, J. C-
dc.identifier.citationInternational Cosmic Ray Conference, 18th, Bangalore, India, Aug 22 - Sept 3, 1983, Vol. 9, pp. 330 - 333en
dc.description.abstractHigh speed optical photometric observations of the hard X-ray source EX Hya, carried out with the reflector of the Kevalur Observatory, are presented. The observations with time resolutions of 1 s or 2 s were made on four nights in March 1982 for a total duration of 6.8 h. Light curves that reveal fast flickerings and the 67 min oscillations are presented. A new ephemeris for the photometric period confirms the trend towards decreasing period on a time scale of 10-million years. Evidence for the presence of interpulses in the light curves between successive photometric maximaen
dc.subjectDwarf Novaeen
dc.subjectLight Curveen
dc.subjectStellar Spectrophotometryen
dc.subjectX Ray Sourcesen
dc.subjectEclipsing Binary Starsen
dc.subjectHigh Resolutionen
dc.subjectWhite Dwarf Starsen
dc.titleHigh speed photometry of dwarf nova EX Hydraeen
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