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dc.contributor.authorAshoka, B. N-
dc.contributor.authorSurendiranath, R-
dc.contributor.authorKameswara Rao, N-
dc.identifier.citationActa Astronomica, Vol. 35, No. 3 - 4, pp. 395 - 399en
dc.description.abstractPresented are radial-velocity observations of the single-line spectroscopic binary and Beta Cephei-type variable Nu Cen, obtained in the period 1983-1984. New orbital elements have been determined by combining these observations with observations obtained 80 years earlier. In addition to the orbital period, Beta Cephei-type variability with 0.1690156-day periodicity seems to be present in these observations.en
dc.publisherCopernicus Foundation for Polish Astronomyen
dc.subjectBinary Starsen
dc.subjectCepheid Variablesen
dc.subjectLine Spectraen
dc.subjectRadial Velocityen
dc.subjectStellar Spectrophotometryen
dc.subjectOrbital Elementsen
dc.subjectVelocity Measurementen
dc.titleSpectroscopic observations of Nu Centaurien
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