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Title: Photometric Observations of the X-Ray Dwarf Nova HL Canis Majoris
Authors: Seetha, S
Marar, T. M. K
Sharma, D. P
Kasturirangan, K
Rao, U. R
Bhattacharyya, J. C
Keywords: Photometric Observations;X-Ray Dwarf Nova HL Canis Majoris
Issue Date: Aug-1983
Publisher: INSDOC
Citation: Proceedings from the 18th International Cosmic Ray Conference, held in Bangalore, India, 22 Aug - 3 Sept, 1983, Vol. 9, pp. 5 - 8
Abstract: High speed optical photometric observations of the X-ray dwarf nova HL Canis Majoris (1E 0643-1648), discovered with the Einstein Observatory, are presented. Results of long term monitoring and attempts to detect photometric eclipses at the reported orbital periods of 0.22 d or 0.18 d of the binary system are presented.
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