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Title: Abundances in planetary nebulae: Me 2-1
Authors: Surendiranath, R
Pottasch, S. R
García-Lario, P
Keywords: ISM: Abundances;Planetary Nebulae: Individual: Me 2-1;Infrared: ISM;ISM: Lines and Bands
Issue Date: Jul-2004
Publisher: EDP Sciences
Citation: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol. 421, No. 3, pp. 1051 - 1061
Abstract: ISO and IUE spectra of the round planetary nebula Me 2-1 are combined with visual spectra taken from the literature to obtain for the first time a complete extinction-corrected spectrum. With this, the physico-chemical characteristics of the nebula and its central star are determined by various methods including photoionization modeling using Cloudy. The results of the modeling are compared to those derived from a more classical, simple abundance determination approach. A discussion is presented on the validity of the different methods used and assumptions made. Finally, the main results are interpreted in terms of the evolutionary stage of Me 2-1 and its central star. Based on observations with ISO, an ESA project with instruments funded by ESA Member States (especially the PI countries: France, Germany, The Netherlands and the UK) and with the participation of ISAS and NASA. This research has also used archival IUE and HST data. Tables \ref{tab-4} and \ref{tab-7} are only available in electronic form at
ISSN: 0035-8711
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