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Title: Eruption of twisted filament, associated flare and transient phenomena
Authors: Uddin, W
Verma, V. K
Keywords: Twisted filament;Energy storage;Solar flare;Filament eruption
Issue Date: 1998
Publisher: Astronomical Society of India
Citation: BASI, Vol. 26, pp. 200 - 202
Abstract: In this paper we present CCD observations between 14th to 20th Feb. 1994 and analysis of the giant twisted filament evolved in the active region NOAA 7671. The dynamic eruption of the filament accompanied by major flare (3B/M4), CME long duration type II, type IV radio bursts, great microwave bursts, long duration soft X-ray burst, SIFs, strong geomagnetic storms and most energetic proton flare. We analysed and estimated the twist, length, volume, mass and energy associated with filament system between 14th to 20th Feb. 1994. We also give the explantion of the event in the light of existing theories.
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