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Title: Ellipsometry of Coelostat Coatings Using a Babinet Compensator: Simulation of the Experimental Accuracy
Authors: Sankarasubramanian, K
Venkatakrishnan, P
Keywords: Ellipsometry of coelostat coatings;optical constants;Kodaikanal solar tower telescope
Issue Date: Aug-1996
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Citation: Solar Physics, Vol. 167, No. 1 - 2, pp. 1 - 7
Abstract: The precise measurement of solar magnetic fields requires an accurate measurement of the Muller matrix of the optical components in the path of the light beam, which again requires a careful measurement of the optical constants of the reflecting surfaces in the case of a 3-mirror coelostat system. Here we present a method to measure the optical constants (the real and imaginary part of the refractive index) to an accuracy of the order of 1% for bulk aluminium. This work is directed towards the measurement of instrumental polarisation at the Kodaikanal solar tower telescope, although it can be used for any metallic coated optics.
ISSN: 0038-0938
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